Our Security and Privacy Policies


We understand the importance of data security and are committed to complying with all security best practices and standards. Our security protocols involve strict data protection measures, controlled access to customer data, and continual performance monitoring.

Data Protection

We employ encryption to protect data while it's being transmitted and stored. Customer data is stored in secure databases that are isolated and protected from unauthorized access through firewall and Routing Security Mechanisms whih include secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS).

Access Control

We have implemented strong access management and authentication systems. We ensure that only authorized individuals have access to customer data. All our staff members undergo rigorous security training before gaining access privileges.

Performance Monitoring

We employ round-the-clock performance monitoring to ensure uninterrupted services. We promptly address any detected anomalies to prevent performance degradation and potential breaches.

Breach Incident Management

In the event of any security breaches, we have procedures to handle incidents in a systematic manner that includes immediate investigation, containment, eradication and recovery actions.


All our practices and processes are audited by independent bodies to ensure transparency and compliance. Audit procedures encompass every aspect of our operation including physical security measures, networking infrastructure, and management procedures.

Continual Improvement

We are consistently refining our security practices to keep up with evolving threats. This involves frequent risk assessments and modifications to security controls where necessary.