Coursera's Operational Efficiency Boost Through Promptly's Generative AI Platform

Promptly has significantly enhanced our internal efficiency, particularly for our sales and HR teams, allowing us to serve our customers and support our employees more effectively. Leveraging Promptly's platform to develop custom chatbots has streamlined our workflows, fostering a more responsive and agile organization. This advancement underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to maintain our leadership in the ed-tech sector and improve the educational experience for learners worldwide.
Tim Hannan
CMO, Coursera Inc.


Coursera, a global leader in online education, sought to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of its internal operations to maintain its competitive edge in the fast-paced ed-tech sector. Recognizing the potential of Generative AI to streamline processes and improve service delivery, Coursera turned to Promptly, a generative AI platform known for its capability to automate complex workflows and create intelligent chatbots.

The Challenge

In the dynamic environment of online education, Coursera's teams faced two primary challenges: providing the sales team with rapid access to accurate information for customer inquiries and streamlining HR communications to improve employee experience. Traditional methods were time-consuming and often led to bottlenecks, impacting overall productivity and responsiveness.

The Solution: Leverage Promptly Platform to Build Internal Apps

Coursera's innovative approach involved leveraging Promptly to develop customized AI-driven solutions. Some of these include:

  • For the Sales Engineering Team: They created an app that enabled the sales team to quickly find detailed answers to customer questions. This tool integrated seamlessly with their existing workflows, significantly reducing response times and enhancing the quality of customer interactions.
  • For the HR Team: A chatbot was developed to allow employees to easily inquire about company policies and receive instant answers. By sourcing information directly from internal documents and making it accessible through Slack channels, the chatbot made policy information more transparent and accessible, improving employee satisfaction and efficiency.

The Outcome

The deployment of AI solutions via the Promptly platform had a transformative effect on Coursera's operations:

  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency: The sales team was able to provide prompt, informed responses to potential learners and partners, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved HR Communication: The HR chatbot significantly reduced the time employees spent searching for information on policies, thereby boosting productivity and engagement.
  • Streamlined Operations: Integrating these chatbots into Slack channels Coursera already used daily ensured high adoption rates and minimized the learning curve for new tools.


Coursera's strategic use of Promptly's generative AI platform to develop custom chatbots and tools has set a benchmark for operational efficiency in the ed-tech industry. By automating key aspects of sales and HR communications, Coursera has not only improved internal workflows but has also enhanced the experience for both employees and customers. This case study exemplifies the power of AI to transform business operations, proving that with the right tools, companies can achieve significant gains in efficiency, responsiveness, and overall performance.

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