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Whether you want to use your data to build a GPT powered chatbot for your website or use Stable Diffusion to generate images in your Discord server, we have got you covered. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions that are not covered here.

What can I build with Promptly

Promptly is a no-code platform that lets you build AI powered web apps, chatbots, slack apps and discord bots. You can use your data to power these AI applications, embed them in your website or integrate them into your Slack workspaces and Discord servers

Can I use Promptly without putting in my payment information

Yes, our Free tier allows you to get started with the platform by signing in with your email without adding any credit card or other payment information. Keep in the mind that the free tier has lower limits than the paid plans which may limit the number of requests you may make to the app.

Can I use APIs to integrate with Promptly

Yes, Promptly provides APIs to manage data, run endpoints as well as run the apps. We also support streaming option with endpoint and app APIs allowing you to build AI applications with rich UX. Read more about our APIs at

How do I embed Promptly chatbot in my website

To embed an app or a chatbot to your website, click on the "Embed on your Website" button on the App Editor page for your app, copy and paste the embed code to your web page. Make sure to add your website to the allowed domains in the app's configuration to restrict where the app can be embedded

What are Promptly credits

Credits are the currency that is used up when an app is run. Depending on the operations being performed, the platform will deduct credits appropriately. For example, if you use an app that access GPT-4 model, you will use more credits compared to an app that uses a GPT-3.5 model.