Kiteworks' Expansion Through Promptly's Generative AI Platform

Our experience with the Promptly platform revolutionized how we localize our in-depth blog content for global markets. This has significantly accelerated our international expansion efforts, proving Promptly to be an invaluable partner in our quest to serve our customers worldwide. Their flexible, innovative platform has set a new standard for what we achieve in global content strategy, and I wholeheartedly recommend Promptly to any organization facing similar challenges.
Tim Freestone
CMO, Kiteworks.


Kiteworks, a leading secure content communication company, faced a significant challenge in its global expansion efforts. Their in-depth, informative blog content, essential for educating and engaging their diverse audience, needed to be accessible in multiple languages. However, the lengthy nature of these posts exceeded the context window limitations of conventional LLMs, complicating the translation process and potentially delaying market entry in non-English speaking regions.

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving tech industry, speed and efficiency in reaching a global audience are crucial for maintaining competitive advantage. Kiteworks' comprehensive blog posts, rich in technical detail and industry insights, required precise and contextually accurate translations. Traditional translation services and existing LLMs fell short, either due to the high cost, time constraints, or technical limitations such as insufficient context windows to process long-form content accurately.

The Solution: Promptly Platform

Kiteworks turned to Promptly for its flexibility and adaptability in automating complex workflows. Promptly's unique architecture allowed Kiteworks to develop a custom app specifically designed to tackle their translation challenges.

This bespoke app leveraged Promptly's platform to:

  • Break down long blog posts into manageable segments that fit within the model's context windows.
  • Maintain the technical accuracy and nuanced tone of the original content in multiple languages.
  • Seamlessly integrate these translated segments, ensuring a coherent and engaging reader experience across different languages.

The Outcome

The implementation of the Promptly-based translation app marked a turning point for Kiteworks. Key achievements included:

  • Rapid Market Penetration: Kiteworks significantly reduced the time-to-market for their multilingual content, facilitating quicker expansion into new regions.
  • Quality and Consistency: The translations maintained the high quality and technical accuracy of the original English content, reinforcing Kiteworks' brand reputation abroad.
  • Cost Efficiency: By automating the translation process, Kiteworks saved on the expenses associated with traditional translation services, allocating resources more effectively towards other strategic areas.


Kiteworks' successful deployment of a custom app on the Promptly platform underscores the transformative potential of generative AI in solving complex, real-world business challenges. By embracing Promptly's flexible and powerful platform, Kiteworks not only overcame the technical hurdles of translating long-form content but also set a new standard for content accessibility and engagement in the tech industry. This case study exemplifies how innovative companies can leverage generative AI to expand their global footprint, ensuring their valuable content transcends linguistic and cultural barriers.

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