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Generative AI for Your Enterprise

Build tailor-made generative AI agents, applications and chatbots that cater to your users' unique needs. Seamlessly integrate your own data and GPT-powered models without any coding experience.

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How it works

1. Configure App

Depending on the use case, pick an appropriate app type or a template. Provide input and configuration required for the app. Choose how the output is rendered

2. Add Your Data

Add your existing data from sources like files, website urls, sitemaps, Youtube links, Google Drive, Notion exports. Attach these data sources to your app in the app builder

3. Publish your App

Save and publish your app. Access it from the dedicated app page or embed it in your website using the embed code. Use our APIs to run the app from your applications

Model Chaining

Promptly supports all major model providers, like OpenAI, Cohere, Stability AI, Hugging Face, and more. Easily use these models to build powerful apps.

Chain models from major providers

Use Promptly's processors for high level functionality

Templates for quick building of apps

Use a variety of LLM providers on the platform
Embed apps on web, slack, discord, twilio and other platforms

Embeddable Apps and Chatbots

Promptly provides embeddable widgets that you can easily integrate into your website. Use these widgets to build conversational AI applications or to add a chatbot to your website.

Copy and paste a code snippet to embed chatbot on your website

Customize the chatbot look and feel to match your website, including a logo for the bot

Build GPT based Slack apps and Discord bots backed by your data without coding

Bring your own Data

Import your own data and connect it to LLM models to supercharge your generative AI applications and chatbots. Promptly supports a wide variety of data sources, including Web URLs, Sitemaps, PDFs, Audio, PPTs, Google Drive, Notion imports etc

Import website data from URL or sitemap.xml

Load audio files and use them as datasource in your apps

Add YouTube URLs as datasources to build AI applications on the content

Support for multiple datasource formats
Promptly APIs with streaming functionality

Easy to use APIs

Using our APIs, you can seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into your existing applications. Whether you want to add natural language processing to your chatbot, automate content moderation, or build intelligent recommendations into your product, our APIs can help you achieve your goals

APIs for running apps and endpoints

Upload and manage data programmatically

Streaming APIs enable building rich UX

Build Apps Collaboratively

Share Promptly apps publicly with everyone on the internet or restrict access to only certain individuals using our granular permission model. Viewer and collaborator roles to allow multiple users to modify and build the app together

Work collaboratively on the prompts and the apps

Organization level sharing with Enterprise plan

Require login for privately shared apps

Share the app publicly or privately or at an organization level

Enterprise Plan

Promptly's Enterprise offering transforms your organization to AI first by enabling both developers and non-developers quickly to build and ship AI powered products. With Promptly, you can count on a data privacy-driven approach, customizable access levels, and insightful analytics to ensure you stay in the driver's seat of your growth.

Self Hosted Vector Database

Keep your data from leaving your cloud by using the self-hosted vector database option in our Enterprise offering

Shared Data and Apps

Share data and apps across your organization for easier collaboration. Load your data once into the platform for anyone in the organization to build apps with

Org Management and Analytics

Powerful org management tools include the ability to control apps visibility, set allowed model providers, monitor platform usage etc.


Promptly is SOC 2 Type 2 certified making the platform enterprise ready.

Promptly's enterprise offering


Whether you want to use your data to build a GPT powered chatbot for your website or use Stable Diffusion to generate images in your Discord server, we have got you covered. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions that are not covered here.

What can I build with Promptly

Promptly is a no-code platform that lets you build AI powered web apps, chatbots, slack apps and discord bots. You can use your data to power these AI applications, embed them in your website or integrate them into your Slack workspaces and Discord servers

Can I use Promptly without putting in my payment information

Yes, our Free tier allows you to get started with the platform by signing in with your email without adding any credit card or other payment information. Keep in the mind that the free tier has lower limits than the paid plans which may limit the number of requests you may make to the app.

Can I use APIs to integrate with Promptly

Yes, Promptly provides APIs to manage data, run endpoints as well as run the apps. We also support streaming option with endpoint and app APIs allowing you to build AI applications with rich UX. Read more about our APIs at

How do I embed Promptly chatbot in my website

To embed an app or a chatbot to your website, click on the "Embed on your Website" button on the App Editor page for your app, copy and paste the embed code to your web page. Make sure to add your website to the allowed domains in the app's configuration to restrict where the app can be embedded

What are Promptly credits

Credits are the currency that is used up when an app is run. Depending on the operations being performed, the platform will deduct credits appropriately. For example, if you use an app that access GPT-4 model, you will use more credits compared to an app that uses a GPT-3.5 model.