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How to build your own custom GPT

Learn how to build a custom GPT that can answer questions from your docs, browse the web and use provided tools

Ever since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT to the world, there has been a flurry of innovation in the AI world. OpenAI's recent launch of custom GPTs expanded the possibilities further. They allow for creating customized versions of ChatGPT that is trained to respond from your documents and perform other tasks by using LLM function calling.

Though custom GPTs allow for creating a tuned ChatGPT experience, they lack the freedom to use other models and limit the kind of tools the model has access to when function calling. Promptly breaks these restrictions by allowing you to build custom GPTs for a wide range of use cases, use models that work for your case, have access to a wide range of tools and use the created app from other platforms like Slack, Discord, SMS or access it via API. In this guide, we will see how to use Promptly's templates to build an app similar to custom GPT.

For this example, we are going to use a template called "Chatbot with Internet" as a starting point. Let's get started:

Create an Agent app

  • Login to your Promptly account and navigate to Apps on the sidebar
  • Click on "Chatbot with Internet" template
  • Give a name to the app like "Custom GPT"

Add Data to GPT

  • This template is designed to build a GPT which answers from your data. Select a datasource to search for answers
  • Alternatively create and select a new datasource by uploading files like pdfs, docx etc.,
  • Give a description for the datasource

Save and Preview the app

  • Click on Save App
  • Go to Preview the app by clicking on the app editor menu
  • Type in a question in the input field and test the app out

Explore the app

  • Click on the Editor option to see the app internals
  • You can see that the app has Web Search and Datasource as tools
  • Add other tools as needed by clicking on the +Processor button so the model can use them during function calling

By following these instructions, onc can quickly build a custom GPT that is a lot more powerful than what is offered elsewhere. After the app is published, it can be integrated into other platforms by adding integrations config. It can also be used in invoked from your product using the API.

See the below video to learn more about how to use Promptly templates

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